The Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist (CAS)

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   ATAB (The Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board provides quality response training and has established a standard of training being used for terrorism responders around the world for the last 11 years.

  ATAB has developed a responder training curriculum that is being utilized at Police Academies, Universities, law enforcement agencies, military and special ops units.  ATAB curriculum is Certified by the Professional's Accreditation & Learning Council, ATAB War College  And being used at training facilities from West Point and the Air Force Academy to DHS, ATF and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

   ATAB members include everyone from 4 Star Generals, Deputy Directors of Homeland Security, Security Directors of Fortune 500 Companies, Directors of Security of Federal Agencies, University Professors, Military Members to Special Agents and Squad Leaders in Afghanistan and many more.  ATAB is designed for responders that strive to better educate themselves and make themselves more professional in their field of endeavour. 

ATAB’s Curriculum 

Anti-terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB) training programs are designed to be completed in blocks of training and follow a specific sequence.  The fundamental program, the Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist (CAS) designation, is a comprehensive security management training program that provides basic and intermediary information on a working level for security practitioners.  

Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist (CAS)

The CAS curriculum consists of 41 ATAB training modules designed to be used as self-instruction or to provide training, briefings or presentations for your clients or employees.  In addition to the 41 Power Points, the CAS DVD provides over 800 manuals on various types of security, safety and terrorism response.  The ATAB CAS training modules are:

  Terrorism in Perspective, Incidents & Indicators, Self-Protection in a Hot Zone, Scene Control, Notification and Coordination, Hostage/Crisis Negotiations,  Cyber Terrorism Deployment 

 Terrorism Response Plan, IT Security while Traveling, How Terrorist Choose their Victims, Emergency Response to Terrorism (Ops), Emergency Response to Terrorism (CBRNE), Preserving Evidence at a Terrorist Incident, Being Held Hostage and Surviving, Stress Management After the Incident , Agra terrorism, Sea Port Security , Aviation Security, Computer Forensics in Corp Investigations, Energy Facilities: Protecting them from Terrorism, Responding to a Cyber Attack, Securing a High Risk Facility, Managing a Protective Detail, Establishing a Computer Forensics' Program, Healthcare Readiness for CBRNE Terrorist Events, Road side Bombs and Vehicle Born IED's, Wi-Fi in combating Terrorism and Crime, Disaster in the Data Center, EP Principals, Managing a TSCM Detail, Al Qaeda Training Tactics, Islamic Background Information, Islamic Extremist , Understanding Jihad, Mindset and Methods of Terrorist, Jihad Recruiting & the al Qaeda Network, Combating 21st Century Terrorism, Suspicious Activities, Counter Surveillance, Travel Safety, Workplace Violence  

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