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The fusion of the services offered by each constituent member of war college in the most optimum fashion , drawing on multidimensional multifaceted resources and aided by highly competent Managerial and Research staff paves the way to a platform which offers class education, training and certification for security personnel and anti-terrorism officers in particular .


There are 5 wings,each catering to a special domain/s:

a. Research Wing. The Research Wing is responsible for developing,reviewing and updating the instructional materials of TIOCC War College in conformity with the dynamic of our operating environment. The Wing also source for and ensure that the school online library at War College have requisite materials that can meet the standards of ATAB Certifications  environment and online courses in intelligence. It develops researchable topics for students to write on. The Wing is made up of the following Deptts:

  • Review & Dev Dept.
  • Library Dept.
  • Counterinsurgency/Antiterrorism Research Deptt.
  • Global tactical events monitoring Deptt.

b. Combat Wing. The Combat Wing is the operations wing that instructs students on operational intelligence. It studies and instructs on the threat profiles,latest tactics and techniques and intelligence/counterintellighence capabilities of terrorists/insurgents globally. The Dept also prepares papers and instructs on the role of intelligence in different phases of war and military operations other than war (MOOTW). To this extent students are introduced to and taught the battle fielenvironment through terrain analysis, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield/space (IPB).


c. Security Wing. The Security Wing is responsible for instructing students on all security and counter intelligence operations. The Wing also highlights guidelines and procedures that enhance the security of personnel, installations and information including the use of identity documents such as identity cards, passes and permits. The importance of maintaining and updating records of organizations, agencies, groups or individuals of high value to the CI efforts of our security services are also taught among other security and counter intelligence related topics. Students are taught the necessity for liaison with other appropriate security agencies to obtain data,

materials and information of interest to NAIC and NA CI efforts. The wing is

organized as follows:

  • Protective Security Dept.
  • Intelligence and Security Dept.
  • Special Operations Dept.

d. Psychological Operations Wing . This Wing  teaches students on the rudiments of  PSYOP mission in the conduct of military operations and military exercises.   Students are also enlightened on the conduct of peacetime PSYOP targeted at conditioning military personnel with a view to insulating them from hostile propaganda.   Furthermore,they are taught the roles of PSYOP in analyzing media reports, publications,books, documents, propaganda and articles as well as other related materials of PSYOP value to the Army. The Wing is organized as follows:

  •  Psyop Study Dept.
  • Propaganda Dev Dept.
  • Operations Dept.

e. Admin Wing. The main role of the Admin Wing is that of administration. The Wing provides administrative support to the school in the areas of students and personnel discipline 

The Learning portal is located here: 

Constituent Organizations and Partners


In the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, the United States of America initiated the global war on terrorism. Many Government, military, and industry leaders soon realized how few organizations, key leaders, and first responders had sufficient education, training, and experience to properly prepare for and respond to this threat.

The Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB), in cooperation with the International Society of Anti-Terrorism Professionals (ISATP), researched available materials and consulted with numerous Government, military, and industry experts, and determined the need for standardized anti-terrorism training and certification programs.Information from sources such as the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), the United States Army, the United States Navy, the Federal Fire Academy, and INTERPOL, as well as other industry experts was merged with lessons learned and common sense to develop the ATAB Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist (CAS) and Certified Master Anti-terrorism Specialist (CMAS) training and certification programs.

Since inception, ATAB has trained and certified thousands of anti-terrorism professionals currently and formerly employed in key Government, military, and private industry positions. ATAB currently offers credentials as a Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CAS) and Certified Master Anti-terrorism Specialist (CMAS), as well as advanced,specialized credentials as a CAS-Physical Security Manager (CAS-PSM), CAS-Maritime Security Manager (CAS-MSM), CAS-Cyber Terrorism Responder (CAS-CTR), and CAS-Information Technology Manager (CAS-ITM). Regardless of your anti-terrorism career path, ATAB offers training and certification programs to meet your needs. .


IDRC, an internationally recognized Crisis/Risk Management and Security-consulting firm was founded in 1979 by former Intelligence and Law Enforcement Officers, to conduct international intelligence operations. IDRC offers Asset Location, Computer Security, Information Security, Executive Protection, Hostage Recovery, and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures to industrial and commercial clients in the United States and abroad . IDRC’s intelligence services provides client firms with the information and analysis for them to mitigate and manage daily business situations as well as the unanticipated business risk or threat.

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