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Humint Centric Ops ES2

HUMINT/Counterintelligence Revisited

Author Keshav Mazumdar


Copyright RIEAS
(Click on image of book to read/download)

Asymmetric warfare constitutes of two opponents that abide by a completely different set of military principles, views, tactics, and resources. Fundamentally, this results in weaknesses and strengths that each party can target and exploit. Militarized and non-militarized strategies are part of the asymmetric warfare process. Due to the various methods that may or may not be known about the opponent, asymmetric warfare requires actionable intelligence available to the warfighter in a timely manner for operational execution of a mission. Intelligence effectiveness for Army operations is measured by its timeliness, relevance, accuracy, and predictability. Effective intelligence in asymmetric warfare allows for commanders and Soldiers to target and narrow the scope of actionable intelligence (in contrast to other adversarial requirements). There are variety of techniques used to collect actionable intelligence which are best suited at particular scenarios and time frames. Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is one of the intelligence gathering methods that is most diverse, flexible, and cost effective which also makes it the most universal method. HUMINT can use every Soldier as a sensor (ES2) and intelligence officer, thus training and education should be more widely available for Soldiers to be more effective during warfare. In my opinion tasking Soldiers to collect information in the contemporary operating environment will best help HUMINT, SIGINT, and IMINT techniques. In addition, ES2 is also one of the techniques, which will help in accomplishing the mission. Because a well train and educated soldier can be a good interrogator.

The book has no price tag and is intended only for security personnel.Special thanks is attributed to CIA site and the concept of ES2 and CI highlighted very well with information from Field Manuals and US Open source intelligence papers.The book is a research attempt with the intention to propagate succesful US intelligence concepts in the GWOT.Book is available on request.Please use the Contact Us form.





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